Born 1963, in Berlin (DDR).

Growing up in East Germany, apprenticeship as skilled worker (office assistant). – Until then my education was normal. – Immediately after the skilled worker I completed my high school. I wanted to study: philosophy and religious studies.
This study was not possible in the GDR. I decided to leave the GDR. In 1987, I was able to move to West Berlin and two years later I began to study – up to 1999.

In the meantime, I had to earn money. As a freelancer in the growing Internet industry. With time the Jobs became more time-consuming, the customers were more important. 1999 I moved to Switzerland.
Work in Zurich, studying in Berlin – that was not possible. I had to decide: to finish my studies and have no money or stop studying and have no financial worries. – I chose the good life.

For the next eight years I worked full-time; sometimes permanent employees, sometimes independently. I loved to present, to advice, to design creative concepts, to stay in hotels and to develop unusual ideas.

But then: 2007  Empty – occupational boredom!  What to do?: Change or frustration? I picked up the thread again – Philosophy, Religious study and new: Art. I applied to the ZHdK at the Institute for Media and Art.

New study, new luck! In 2008 I completed a Bachelor of Arts, Major Media Arts.
2010, I completed a Master of Arts in Fine Arts, also at ZHdK. Since then, my artistic work to be about performances and installations.

Since 2010 I continue to develop my artistic work, follow my contextual examination.
Some of my big issues are:
- documentation (as part of the life as a performance artist);
- re-enactments (as a move between different contexts);