1963 – born in Berlin (East)
- education 1969-79
– skilled worker as office assistant (Facharbeiterin für Schreibtechnik)
– emigrate from the GDR
– academic studies Religious science and  Philosophy at the FU Berlin
– consultant for design and online communication for different employers
– copywriting and concept consulting in self-employment
– Bachelor Media Arts – Zürcher Hochule der Künste
– Master ZFH in Fine Arts
– Information architect, Ringier AG, Zurich (part-time)


artistic work

The Auction (How To Try To Sell These Paintings)

performance for the project “Who Fucked Up My Paintings”, 45 min
august 4th, Perla Mode, Zurich

Leftovers (Cubic Circuit)

installation (room, hallway, staircase)
acrylic glass, paper, oil
april – may, group exhibition “Sofort Kunst, 2″ in Bülachstrasse 2-4, Zurich

Kollabierender Zirkel (Compass Equivalence Theorem)

performance for lectern, beamer, projection canvas and live-camera-projection, 45 min
March 8th in Perla Mode, Zurich

Mapping and Rule Management

painting walls, show case with Videos on 2 iPads, 2 video performance on 2 mp4-players
february 8th – March 4th, solo show in Messagesalon, Zurich

Objects (Tour of the exhibition “Sofort Kunst”
with Monica Magnoni, architect)

performance, 18 min
group exhibition, november 18th, Zurich

Ready to Open (“Schatz, machst du noch den Fensterladen zu?”)

window shutter, 18 min
group exhibition, november 18th, Zurich

CV-TV (muscels body bio show)

video performance, 3:30 min
YWSWYG III, Die Grosse-Pläne-Show, Dok18 | Rote Fabrik, February 25th

No Definition (CV-Performa)

video performance, 3:30 min

Spiritual Exercise (Daily practice)

video performance (5:12 min, 1 loop)


Joint Venture (read the small print)

performance cycle (4 Reenactments, 1 object, 8 cut marks, 6 field markings, 4 legends), 22 min
Master Degree Show, Shedhalle Zurich


… But That’s Another Story
four-part performance series for 1 photocamera and 1 mp3-player

… But That’s Another Story. (Part I)
(Walker Evans, Alabama Cotton Tenant Famer Wife, Allie May Burroughs)
performance, 5 min
ACT2010 in Luzern

… But That’s Another Story. (Part II)
(Jeff Wall, Milk)
performance, 5 min
ACT2010 in Zürich

… But That’s Another Story. (Part III)
(Diane Arbus, Untitled (Marcella Matthaei))
performance, 5 min
ACT2010 in Bern

… But That’s Another Story. (Part IV)
(August Sander, Secretary in West German Radio in Cologne in 1931)
performance, 5min
ACT2010 in Basel


Curate the Show
Elisabeth Steinschneider presents: Christina Benz, Emanuel Strässle, Francoise Caraco, Henrik Hentschel, Julia Sheppard, Karoline Schreiber, Marie-Luise Lange, Philipp Frei, Renée Schauecker, Riikka Tauriainen, Romy Rüegger, Susana Perrottet

performance (Speaking at the opening of the group exhibition)

Juni 22th at the Kunstmuseum Bern

Rubber Doll
performance for air compressor, 3 min

ACT2009,  Basel


Tochdown Zurich, (Ich bin stolz, ein Master zu sein)

performance, 15 min
Orientation meeting Master of Fine Arts, Volkshaus Zurich, october 2008
Information meeting Master of Fine Arts, ZHdK, november 2009

installation (video and memory cards, 33 min, endless loop)
Final Work Bachelor Mediale Künste on  ZHdK, Zurich