Mapping and Rules Management

AnnouncementMapping And Rules Management
(Bodenpunkt, Potentialanalyse, Druckschriften)
Installation with texts, show case with videos on 2 iPads, 2 video performance for 2 mp4-players

February 8th – March 4th, 2012
solo show in Messagesalon, Zurich

In the installation I showed text of rules written on the walls, a mapping, video performances on mp4-playern and a operating system installation on iPad.  In the art space, the terms and system rules laid out in all its absurdity. Although everything seems to follow a system, everything remains assertion. It reveals (more so) the vulnerability and inadequacy of the system.

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Installed Installation, part 1 and 2 (in show case)


part 1: Installation Cancelled                                                  part 2: Installation Corrupted